A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

  • Things to Keep in Mind When Looking to Rent a Car Trailer

    If you're hiring a car trailer to haul lawn care equipment you've rented or to help with a move from one home to another, you want to ensure you know everything involved in the rental, choose the right trailer for the job, and can manage the trailer itself properly. Consider some questions to ask the rental agency when you arrange the hire so there are no surprises with the rental and with its use once you get the trailer.

  • How to Choose the Right Roof Rack

    Roof racks are a great solution for helping to provide more storage space for your vehicle. They can be placed on top of your vehicle to hold a roof basket or items such as bicycles and kayaks. Types of roof racks There are two main types of roof racks that you can choose from. Square roof racks are the most widely used; they are typically made from steel and coated with a black finish.

  • A Few Simple Tips for Updating Your Old Car

    If you own an older car that is mechanically sound, but which doesn't look very nice on the inside, you don't necessarily need to buy a new vehicle altogether. A few simple touches can add life to the car's interior, and make it seem fresh and new. Consider a few suggestions you might try with your car. Console If you're like most drivers, you often eat and drink when behind the wheel, which means that soda spills, crumbs, and other food debris make their way to the floor console.

  • Motorhome Living: Space-Saving Solutions for Your Camper Trailer

    If you are planning on travelling around the country, you should think about buying a camper trailer. This type of motorhome is ideal for touring with the family because it is inexpensive to purchase, especially in comparison to other recreational vehicles. Campers are also easy to handle, even without towing experience. Additionally, they are perfect if you want to go off-road during your travels. On the other hand, camper trailers are relatively small.

  • Exhaust Issues? It Could Be Your Converter

    You may suspect that you have an issue with your car's exhaust, but you're not yet able to pinpoint it. Have you considered that the problem may in fact lie with the catalytic converter? Maybe you've never heard of this component. What is it and what could be going wrong in your particular case? What Is a Converter? The catalytic converter is a crucial part of any car's exhaust system, as it converts noxious gases into compounds that are then safe enough to be emitted into the atmosphere according to environmentalists.

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    A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

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