A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking to Rent a Car Trailer

Letitia Thomas

If you're hiring a car trailer to haul lawn care equipment you've rented or to help with a move from one home to another, you want to ensure you know everything involved in the rental, choose the right trailer for the job, and can manage the trailer itself properly. Consider some questions to ask the rental agency when you arrange the hire so there are no surprises with the rental and with its use once you get the trailer.

What equipment does your car need to tow the trailer?

A trailer hitch is obviously needed to haul any type of trailer, but your car may also need adapters and connectors for the trailer as well if you don't have these. Adapters and connectors attach to your car's wiring so the brake lights of the trailer work when you apply the brakes. This isn't always needed, especially for smaller trailers, but be sure you ask about these if you've never hauled a trailer before and will need these for a rental.

Does the trailer need brakes?

Very lightweight trailers designed for small loads and short distances may not have brakes, as they will naturally stop with the car and the weight of the load. However, don't try to avoid the need for adapters and connectors by getting a smaller trailer without brakes if you'll be hauling a heavy load or will be driving on main highways at higher speeds. Remember that trailer brakes are there to protect your car from getting hit by the trailer and to protect the load it's carrying, so always ask if the weight of the load you'll be hauling would indicate that you should get a trailer with brakes.

Can the trailer be used on unpaved roads?

If you're using the trailer to haul supplies to a job site that is without paved roads or you are moving to a rural area and will need to go over dirt roads or sandy area, always ask if the trailer can accommodate these. Some are not meant for anything other than standard pavement and may sink into such soft soil and get stuck very easily. Rocky roads may also tear up the smaller tires of trailers and cause flats, or the trailer may bounce so much on uneven roads that your hauled items may also get damaged. Note if the rental agency has a heavy-duty trailer for such roads before making your rental choice.


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