A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

Motorhome Living: Space-Saving Solutions for Your Camper Trailer

Letitia Thomas

If you are planning on travelling around the country, you should think about buying a camper trailer. This type of motorhome is ideal for touring with the family because it is inexpensive to purchase, especially in comparison to other recreational vehicles. Campers are also easy to handle, even without towing experience. Additionally, they are perfect if you want to go off-road during your travels. On the other hand, camper trailers are relatively small. So, storage can be a challenge. Here is a simple guide on the best space-saving solutions for your motorhome.

Purchase Collapsible Products

You should consider investing in collapsible products instead of using alternatives intended for traditional home use. For example, ironing boards and laundry hampers tend to take up a lot of space when they are not in use. Collapsible products can be compressed into flat or compact units and stowed away in a corner within the trailer. You should also think about choosing utensils which are more space economical. For example, bowls take up a lot of storage room, so think about buying nesting bowl sets.

Invest in Storage Accessories

There are multiple storage accessories which are specifically designed to fit into motorhomes. You will find that camper trailer accessories dealers have excellent solutions. Hanging racks are ideal for storing food items, toiletries and general cleaning supplies. With these, you can take advantage of bare walls. You should also look for sturdy hanging hooks. They are practical accessories for the kitchen and bathroom. You can hang cooking utensils and shower essentials without wasting the trailer space. Stackable storage containers are designed for general use, and they do not take a lot of floor area. Whether you are having trouble with storing your children's toys or need extra room for clothes, these are practical accessories.

Use the Ceiling and Other Unused Areas

The ceiling in a camper trailer is often overlooked and left bare while the living space is cramped. With a little imagination and some resources, you can make the room useable for storage. For example, you can install bracket along the ceiling for broom and mop storage. Check for other unused areas such as beneath the bed and customise for the best storage design. 

Finally, you should learn to only pack the necessities for your trips. Unnecessary or rarely used items will take up a lot of room, compromising your comfort. If you would like to have a lot more space when travelling in a motorhome, consider investing in a new camper trailer. 


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