A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

Exhaust Issues? It Could Be Your Converter

Letitia Thomas

You may suspect that you have an issue with your car's exhaust, but you're not yet able to pinpoint it. Have you considered that the problem may in fact lie with the catalytic converter? Maybe you've never heard of this component. What is it and what could be going wrong in your particular case?

What Is a Converter?

The catalytic converter is a crucial part of any car's exhaust system, as it converts noxious gases into compounds that are then safe enough to be emitted into the atmosphere according to environmentalists. This component is situated between the exhaust muffler and the engine beneath the car. It can be subject to potential damage caused by debris bouncing up from the roadway, or could be damaged if you have any engine issues such as overheating.

Don't Use Petrol That's Too High a Grade

Have you been using a type of petrol that is of a higher grade than that recommended for your vehicle? Some people believe that if they use the most expensive type of petrol available when they fill up the car, it is somehow an advantage. However, some of that fuel will not be ignited during the normal process, will enter into the catalytic converter and this can cause damage over time.

Backpressure Problems

If you've noticed poor performance from your car it could be because trapped exhaust gases are creating backpressure in front of the catalytic converter. This will stop the engine from "breathing" properly, making it seem as if there is a lock in the system and causing it to be very lethargic when accelerating.

Try This Home Test

It's possible to tell whether or not your catalytic converter is on the way out by conducting a test, if your car is fitted with a carburettor. Open the bonnet and take out the air cleaner. Shine a flashlight towards the intake of the carburettor while somebody else revs the engine. If there is an issue you will notice fuel vapour emanating from the carburettor and being suspended in the air where you are shining the light. This is proof that there is a clog in the catalytic converter and that it is not doing its job efficiently.

Ask the Mechanic to Check Emissions

To fully check the status of the converter, take the vehicle to your local mechanic and ask them to check the emission level from the exhaust. If the carbon emissions coming out of the exhaust are elevated this means that the catalytic converter is not functioning properly. This is possibly due to contamination of substances in the emissions from antifreeze or motor oil, for example.

Note that a failing converter could not only cause you to admit excess emissions into the atmosphere, but it could cause damage to the entire exhaust system over time.


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