A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

How to Choose the Best Camshaft Package for Your Performance Goals

Letitia Thomas

If you're trying to get a lot more performance out of your car or truck, then you may be considering some engine modifications. Your vehicle is already designed for a certain amount of speed and has a number of performance upgrades fitted but if you really want to make a difference, then you need to look at the camshaft. Why should you think about an upgraded camshaft package and what type of performance improvement could it supply?

Camshaft Timing

As you undoubtedly know, the camshaft controls the timing of the combustion process in your engine, and its design can make a considerable difference to the overall performance of your vehicle. The individual cams on the shaft can be increased or decreased in size or configuration to add or reduce the valve lift or to change how much air enters the engine.

Increased Performance

With an upgraded camshaft and a revised profile, the valves can lift and close more efficiently to allow the exhaust fumes to be released more effectively. Then, with a rich mixture of air and fuel and a more efficient exhaust system, the vehicle will be able to breathe properly, and you will certainly notice a difference in the overall speed of your vehicle. In fact, if you combine a new camshaft package with other modifications and, perhaps, a bigger turbo, you should be quite happy with the end result.

Camshaft Packages

There are many different types of camshafts on the market, and they typically come in a package that will include the risers, valve springs, pushrods, timing chain, bolts and spacers. You will need to be careful when you choose the package, however, so make sure you know exactly what you want to get out of the project. Some camshafts are designed for fast road use, while others may be more appropriate for a rally car and if you choose incorrectly, you might make the vehicle quite difficult to drive at lower speeds.

Fine Tuning

When you choose your performance camshaft package, remember that you may need to make some additional alterations to the engine and the ECU. You may have to reset your fuel system, tune the timing, or even remap the ECU completely. Make sure that you talk about this with your supplier, and they will be able to give you advice accordingly. They will ensure that you buy the right type of camshaft package and tune the vehicle appropriately so that you get what you're looking for.


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