A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

A Garage Education: Essential Auto Accessories, Substitutes and Ideas

How To Change Boat Trailer Lights

Letitia Thomas

Changing the lights on a boat trailer is a job that most boat owners face at some point. As the trailers are partially submerged in the water while loading and releasing the boat, water can cause problems to develop over time – especially salty or brackish water. Fortunately, changing the lights is fairly straightforward and can be done by an inexperienced DIY person. This article examines the steps involved when changing boat trailer lights.

The Four Way Adaptor

This is the most common type of adaptor for boat trailers. Although you should refer to the instructions, the colors are usually related to the following functions:

  • The yellow wire operates the left indicator and the left brake light.
  • The green wire operates the right indicator and the right brake light.
  • The brown wire operates the tail lights and side marker lights.
  • The white wire is the ground.

Removing The Old Lights

This can be the most difficult part of the job, simply because the screws and bolts are likely to be corroded from the water. If you cannot remove them with a wrench and a screwdriver, don't be afraid to use a pry bar or a bolt cutter. You will be replacing these parts using the new lights and the kit supplied.

The Ground Wire

It is important to remember that the (white) ground wire is usually connected to the metal frame of the trailer, which grounds the connection. It is helpful to use a wire brush or sandpaper at the point where the ground wire meets the trailer. Roughing up the metal at this part will help to to get a good connection. Trailers that you see with fading or mis-flashing lights are usually poorly grounded.

Connect The New Lights

Match up the new four way adaptor with the wires. Take a little time and care to ensure that they are fitted to the correct part of the adaptor – use the instructions to help you or ask the member of staff who sold you the new lighting kit. Some four way adaptors have colored insides, allowing you to simply match the wire to the correct section of the adaptor, without any fuss.

Pop The Scotch Locks

Almost all adaptors come with a type of Scotch lock. These are connectors that are snapped shut after the wire is in place. Feed each wire into the adaptor and through the lock, then snap it shut. This will hold the wire firmly in place.

Once ready, start up the vehicle and test out the brake and indicator lights, as well as the tail and side lights on the boat trailer. For more information about replacing parts on your trailer, contact a local trailer parts supplier, like Transtyle Trailers


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